Days Seven-Eleven (Vacation)


After a few days break I’m back! My wifi was off for the duration of a cruise, so I was unable to update this blog. There are far worse problems to have. Honestly, the lack of Internet was refreshing. It makes me a little crazy not to be able to contact my friends at a moments notice, but it also allows me to live life as it happens. There’s something highly underrated about those quiet inbetween moments where you’re just left alone with your thoughts and feelings. Being so easily connected to everyone and everything takes away from being connected to the present moment.

For a long while now, I have felt this intense need to get away from my current situation. To leave my day-to-day life and not have to deal with my daily struggles for a little while. To escape my humdrum life and get some time away. Is that healthy? Perhaps not. Does that say something negative about my current life? Probably. Doesn’t change the fact.

Getting away can be a much needed distraction and that is just what vacations are for. Turning off the phone, getting far away from the stresses of life, and just relaxing for a little while. Right now I am in another country on the opposite side of my continent. Life in my country is a shitshow and my own personal life is a bit…confused. Like one of those common maze dreams where each door leads to ten more doors. It’s frustrating to say the least.

Vacations are a wonderful thing. Just eating, shopping, sightseeing, and touring. Exploring new places and giving myself some much deserved time off. We all need that sometimes. Real life is right around the corner waiting and it will find me regardless of what I do to avoid it. You often find your destiny on the road you take to avoid it and all that. So I am taking the time to breathe while I have it. Everyone deserves a break every once in awhile.


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