Day Fifteen (Music)


I love music. When I’m at home I like to blast my favorite songs and either tune out or just put it on in the background. My taste is very eclectic. If I can relate to the lyrics and it can bring an emotion out of me, I will like it. My taste ranges from Pop to Broadway to 90s Boy Bands to Rock to Country to Motown. It’s all over the place. I could spend hours just plugging in and letting the songs lead me into my deepest feelings and allow me to fully experience them. I spend car rides zoning out to music. Music is vitally important to me. As I know it is to a lot of people.

A theory I have had for a long while is that you can tell almost everything about a person based on the music they listen to. It is completely different depending on the person and why they like the music that they like. For example, my sister likes what is popular, a few weird quirky songs, and a lot of songs that have nostalgic significance. My brother likes songs all over the place, especially the really weird out there songs. My mom likes a couple of CDs, mostly just the ones she’s always liked. She’s doesn’t branch out. My dad loves oldies, yet he is always trying to keep up with the new music too. Even if he hardcore judges the songs on the radio. I tend to like really angsty, dramatic, and emotionally raw songs. Usually melodramatic Showtunes.

One of my best friends in college used to argue with me constantly on our differing music tastes. We’re both a little boy crazy and we used to send each other songs that captured our feelings. Her songs were usually along the lines of “fuck these feelings,I’m so angry, you make me feel something, you’re the worst, also you’re really hot”. Mine were more along the lines of “love is what makes life worthwhile, it’s such a poetic and beautiful kind of pain, just being around you makes me happy, save me from this aching sadness”. Her songs were too angry and cynical for me, my songs were too melodramatic and idealistic for her. We eventually decided to stop sending each other songs.

Music is a beautiful thing. It stays the same, regardless of what might change in life. A song stays frozen in a moment in time. Sometimes the lyrics apply to different situations and the personal meaning changes in time. Sometimes a song will always bring you back to one moment, one place, or one person. Music brings people together. I wish I went to more concerts. I’ve only been to one (Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block) and it was a neat experience. And I’d never even heard of New Kids on the Block before that night. Some people’s passion is playing music, other people are passionate about listening to it, and most people enjoy it in one form or another. My life was Orchestra and Theatre in High School. When I feel down, I plug in the showtunes. I can’t imagine my life without music. Some songs have literally changed my life. Music is a beautiful thing and it is a vital component to my life. I’m so grateful for music.


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