Day Seventeen (New Beginnings)


Today I went to an internship/volunteering interview. It was about an hour away from where I live in an area I had never been to. The opportunity involves preparing for a camp and participating in the camp when the time comes. I heard about this camp when one of the leaders of the program came to speak in a class of mine. On a whim, I signed up as a volunteer and was offered the position of an intern. I can come in whenever I am able to help out. I start this Monday. Also, this Monday, I have auditions for a musical I have been dying all year to get into. Is it a sure bet? Not at all. I’m absolutely terrified. But I want it more than I’ve wanted anything in a long time.

There is one positive result from endings. As much as I detest closing one door, I love opening new ones. I love that feeling when you walk in the first day of a new experience and you just get this feeling deep down that you’re life is about to change from this moment forward. While sitting in this tiny office for my interview, I got that feeling. I’m working at a retail job where I am still getting the hang of the vibe and the people there, I will hopefully (fingers crossed!!!) make this show, and now I have this amazing volunteering opportunity. A lot of my college friends are in the college area, so I can still meet up with them. A lot of my home friends are back home, so I can see them as well. My life is beginning again. There is no telling what happens now.

This is not my new start or my big change. I know this already. I still do plan on going to graduate school and getting a real career. What that career is….well, I still need time to figure that out. But I plan on getting out and going far and eventually starting my own life away from everything I have ever known. Right now is a time for new experience. But this isn’t really my new “start”. A new book, but hardly a new series. This is just a bunch of new adventures, new characters, and new lessons. And that’s exciting! Life is changing again. I said my goodbyes to my college friends and got the closure I need to feel comfortable taking the next step. I can always go back, but if-for whatever reason-I cannot…I know I left on a high note. It’s time to look forward.

I am ready for this new beginning. I am ready for a change. For a new story to unfold. I think this summer will be the best summer of my life. Now all I gotta do is make that musical and get an adult job…


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