Day Twenty-Five (Adventures)


I have always been an adventurer. Maybe it’s because of all the reading, maybe it’s because of the stories I created in my head as a kid, or maybe it’s because I’m just a weirdo. Let’s go with all of the above. For being such a shy kid, I sure do enjoy a good thrill. I love doing insane things and I love the adrenaline high that it gives me. It’s honestly one of my favorite aspects of my personality.

Back in Middle School, all of my friends were wary of my infamous “bathroom trips”. We were all in art club and once a week we would stay after school to hang around the art room and draw stuff, create stuff, and edit stuff. I was never any good at art. Since I found this activity to be slow and boring, I would spice things up with trips to the bathroom every art club at 3:30. I would usually drag one of my best friends at the time with me and if she was too busy I would just drag another friend. These trip were more or less just an excuse to wander the building after school and see if I would bump into any teachers or fellow students. Maybe I’d wander through empty classrooms. I liked to walk on the wild side.

Looking back, the whole thing was more than a little weird. But it was a desperate grab for attention and excitement during a turbulent year. In the years following, I went on plenty of adventures outside of these “bathroom trips”. I would purposely get lost in buildings, wander around unknown towns, and explore every square inch of any area I could find. You never knew where adventure might lay. As I mentioned in an earlier entry, I struggle with being spontaneous. But my best memories come from random nights of adventure.

In college I toned down considerably. I still enjoyed exploring buildings and getting hyperactive on occasion, but it was always within limitations. I was almost always following somebody else’s lead and just tagging along for the ride. Most everything I did was planned and everything was chaotic enough without me having to stir up additional madness. But that’s okay. Sometimes life is crazy enough on it’s own.

Today, for the first time in awhile, I took myself on an adventure. Instead of going on a “bathroom trip” and hoping to bump into a teacher, I dragged one of my best friends on a spontaneous road trip an hour away to go to a book signing and wander a town I had never been to before. The night was a blast. I got to talk to this famous author and had him sign a book that I’ve been working my way through for the past month or so (the book is amazing. I’m sure I’ll get into it at a later entry. I’ve just been busy with graduation and all). I drove a good hour drive through highways (which is something I didn’t think I could do till now). And I had a great time exploring this town (seriously, I didn’t even know this place existed). It was an amazing night. But, most of all, it was an adventure.

It’s been a long time since I’ve gone on a crazy adventure and I never realized how much I missed it till now. Going on these random spur-of-the-moment explorations used to be a core part of who I was. When did I lose that? Now, as an adult, there is so much room for bigger and better adventures. The world is a huge place. I might as well explore it.


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