Day Twenty-Eight (Fun)


Okay, this blog needs a break from all the brooding. Even I think it’s getting to be a tad overkill. So this entry we’re going to talk about fun. Or I’ll most likely just ramble. Well, this whole blog is technically just me rambling. Anyway…I’ll try to keep this entry pleasant and not so serious. It would be a tad ironic to make a serious blog entry about the concept of fun, yeah?

Today I was at work, which is a pretty boring place usually. When it’s not boring it’s stressful. Oh, the wonders of retail. But a lot of the general atmosphere of the shift depends upon the managers who are there. If the head manager is there, everybody becomes a little bit tense and hypervigilant. If the assistant head manager is there, there’s this feeling of doom and gloom. The four shift managers make a difference too. There’s the chill manager, who will chat with the employees so long as you get your work done and don’t do anything too obviously stupid. There’s the nitpicky manager, who will call you out on every little mistake you make and tease you for slacking off. There’s the cool manager, who is a blast to be around but isn’t afraid to get serious if the occasion calls for it. And there’s the fun manager, who is really just a big kid himself and is always doing what he can to make sure everyone feels comfortable and is keeping things afloat.

I usually work with the chill manager, but this morning I was working with the fun manager. At one point he was jokingly teasing a coworker and I teased him that “I think he’s ignoring you on purpose, hoping you’ll stop”. I don’t think he got the joke, because at that moment he became very serious. He turned to me and went “I’m only kidding around with him. I like to lighten things up, make people laugh. This place can get boring and I like to liven it up”. I felt pretty guilty after that. Either way, those words have not left me alone for the rest of the day. Because he’s right. He’s called me out on being too serious before and it only takes one look at this blog to see his point.

In my group of friends, I’m often the silly random one. The one coming up with ludicrous stories and being foolishly optimistic about everything. The one trying to lighten up the mood and get my more intense friends to cheer up. I hope that maybe by acting like a child, they’ll join in and forget about their problems for a little bit. Or at least they’ll maybe crack a smile. My Facebook, at a glance, is annoyingly idealistic. I’ve had friends compare me to Giselle from Enchanted. Maybe it’s a mask. I don’t know. Either way, life needs a little nonsense. Life’s only a drama if you make it one.

Life is absurd when you stop and think about it. It’s silly, nonsensical, and outlandish. We assign order to everything, but none of us really know. The rules are always changing, rendering the whole system arbitrary. So might as well laugh and have fun. Enjoy yourself, make the most of life, and loosen up. Sure, my take on the idea might be a little nihilistic. I did come from a memorial service yesterday. It was sad because it was a bunch of family members remembering my deceased grandmother. On the other hand, it was a really entertaining afternoon where I saw a lot of family that we never get to see and we all spent the day laughing and telling stories. Even in the saddest situation, there was joy. Life is what you make of it. So why not make it a fun and enjoyable ride? Stop taking everything so damn seriously.


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