Day Thirty (Dumbledore Vision)


There is this superpower that my friend and I call “Dumbledore Vision”. Very few people have this uncanny ability. I usually use this term to refer to my old 7th Grade English teacher. But it can also apply to two of the guys I liked in High School and two or three of my friends in college. Some have traces of the power, but have not yet mastered it fully. I have no idea if I have this power, though I doubt it. Also, there is a reason I chose a picture of Richard Harris and not Michael Gambon. Even Michael Gambon struggled to capture Dumbledore Vision accurately. He was trying too hard at it.

Alright, enough with the weird vagueness. Dumbledore Vision, to put it simply, is the term my friend and I coined for that “I can read right into your mind and soul” look. It’s the look teacher’s often give their students when they know their student is lying. It’s the look a person might give their significant other when they know their words are being very carefully crafted to hide a deeper truth. It’s the look an intuitive person might give a friend if they notice something is awry that is being carefully masked. The look doesn’t just denote that the person knows the other person is lying. The look also indicates that the other person has a good guess at what is not being said.

The few acquaintances, friends, and mentors of mine who have mastered this look mean a lot to me. I’m a very private person. While I may be constantly overwhelmed with emotion, I very rarely speak about my emotions aloud. I keep it bottled up and pretend that everything is okay. Because I’m such an unobtrusive person, people rarely take a second glance at me to see that there is anything going on beneath the surface. I’m a master at hiding my feelings. This makes the few that have this uncanny ability to see between the lines that much more special to me.

The first person I ever met who possessed this ability was my 7th Grade English teacher. It freaked me out, honestly. I’d put up every single defense I had and this man would just give me this look that straight-up said “you think those flimsy walls can fool me?” My shields weren’t worth a damn with him. That man just knew. I’m honestly scared of what he’d see if he looked at me now.

The next time I found a person with Dumbledore Vision was my senior year of High School. It happened to be some random kid I was in the school musical with. Someone whom I had never actually spoken to. He picked on me one day during mic-checks, teasing me for the fact that I always used the same lines in the same order. During one of the shows I panicked while doing an impromptu mic-check during intermission. When I was walking back behind the curtain again, a friend asked me what happened and I explained. I still remember him standing a couple of feet behind us, going over lines. He glanced up at one point at me and I could have sworn he saw everything on my face. The panic, the anxiety, the insecurity, the nerves. All of it. The moment passed in an instant. I spent the rest of the show sitting off by myself with my heads in my hands trying to calm myself down. Nobody said a thing. It wasn’t until I had my next line and had to stand right behind the curtain waiting to go on that I felt a firm pat on my back. A comforting silent message saying “you got this”. There were only two people who went on after me and I know the other guy well enough to know that it wasn’t him. Somehow, completely randomly, I found those Dumbledore eyes again.

In college, I had two or three friends with this unique ability. The first friend was more of an acquaintance than friend. We’d see each other once a week in a group setting at the most. But the few times we talked he always seemed to have a good grip on what was being unsaid. What my nervousness meant. The words I couldn’t say. I know for a fact that I was not wrong in these assumptions, because the last day I ever saw him he completely read my mind. He was graduating and I wanted to make sure I said a final goodbye. After talking in circles for a minute or so, trying to explain that I was trying to say goodbye, his eyes dawned in realization. He stopped me halfway through my rant to walk over and give me a hug and say shortly “it’s been a good few years”. He just got it. I’ve made plenty of goodbyes since that one and nobody has been as perceptive and understanding as him. And we didn’t even know each other all that well.

The last and most recent person I have met with those eyes is a friend from fencing. I swear, this kid has Dumbledore genes in him. He’s wacky, silly, and goofy. But then he just gives you that look and you immediately know that he catches onto more than he lets on. There have been more times than I can count when I’m awkwardly rambling and flailing at him and he has on this gentle look of “I know exactly what you’re doing”. When I’m feeling down, this kid would come over to me and say whatever needed to be said to cheer me up and make me laugh. Another of my friends in the club also has this power and I’ve seriously wondered if he can read minds. It’s uncanny how good this guy’s timing is. Every time I start feeling just the tiniest bit morose, he would pop up out of thin air to make sure I was okay. Uncanny is what it is. I’ve also wondered recently if the fun manager at my job has this power. I haven’t seen him enough to get a good grip, but I’ve got a hunch that he might possess this superpower too.

Maybe there’s legit research into this or at least there’s a more obvious explanation than my roundabout description of this superpower. It’s probably just people possessing basic intuition. I dunno. But this is a power that has always impressed me. The people who can read my mind are surprisingly random, but they mean the world to me. I’m so grateful that these people took the time to notice me and used their power for good. I’m so grateful for their friendship, comfort, and support. People with this gift are a rare find. And this power could easily be used for evil. As for why I used Richard Harris in this picture….Richard Harris masters this look so well that it looks effortless. Dumbledore is often giving characters that all-knowing “I can read your mind” look. I can only wonder who I’ll find next with this superpower. Who knows? Maybe I’ll find that I have it too?


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