Day Thirty-Three (Pierre and Natasha)


There is a lot going on in “Natasha, Pierre, & The Great Comet of 1812”. I’ve listened through the soundtrack a couple of times now and it’s going to take many more times to actually analyze the majority of it properly. There is just so so so so so much going on. All the time. Layers upon layers. It’s insane. I won’t even try to explain any of it because I am absolutely certain that I will not do it justice.

But I can go a little bit into the characters of Natasha and Pierre. From the very first moment, these two were my favorite characters. I admire Natasha’s idealism and romanticism. She’s innocent and naive. She sees the best in people and floats around the story like she’s in a fairytale. Of course, this story is nothing like a fairytale. Making Natasha a bit of an outsider to the rest of the cast. In fact, most of the characters are drawn to her. She’s so young and so full of life.

I adore Pierre as well. The guy is constantly having an existential crisis. He’s depressed, mopey, and brooding. He’s a recluse who locks himself away with his books. He’s also, under all the gruffness and confusion, a pretty sweet guy. He’s always there to help anyone and everyone at a moment’s notice. He’s self-destructive, but he would never harm another. He’s older and a little chubby, but he’s good. Even if he is a bit of a moody hermit.

About halfway through listening to the soundtrack the first time, I started to think that Pierre and Natasha would make a great pair. They’re two of the most genuinely kind characters in the show. These two both were lost souls with kind hearts searching for meaning and love. Why couldn’t they just be friends? The ending moved me beyond words. What a sweet and heartwarming way to end the adventure that is this soundtrack.

My brother just listened through the soundtrack and commented that he found the ending to be “lackluster” and “anticlimactic” after such an exciting score. He then added that he hadn’t been paying attention to the lyrics and story at all. Spoilers ahead. I then tried to explain the ending to him. That Natasha had someone affirm and validate her without asking for anything in return. She’d had someone tell her that she was worthy of love, without pressuring her into any commitment. Pierre, in turn, finally made a genuine connection with another person. An honest, selfless, unconditional moment of love. He found meaning to life, as did she. It came in the simple moments. In the split second of an honest genuine connection between two kind and gentle people. The moment was so pure. I teared up just explaining it to my brother.

I don’t know if I need these two to be in a romantic relationship. They’d be cute and I know they end up together in the book. But that’s not what this moment was about at all. It was about genuine connection. And I think that’s beautiful.


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