Day Fifty (America)


For the fiftieth anniversary of this blog, in celebration of me actually keeping up with this thing for fifty days, I am going to talk about the country I call home. The country that, for all it’s many faults, I still love. I still believe in. We are better than what we have become.

I’m not going to lie and say that I’ve been around the world and can claim that America is the best country. I haven’t been around the world. I don’t know that for a fact. I doubt it’s even true. But it’s where I was born and raised. It’s the country I have rarely stepped out of. It’s the country I know and love.

We are a country built upon the ideals of freedom and independence. We all get a vote and can make a difference. We have the right to pursue happiness in our own way. We have the freedom to attempt to achieve our goals. We can be whoever we want to be. That’s the ideal, anyway. In practice, it doesn’t exactly with out that way. But it’s the model we keep working towards. Even if the current political situation goes against every single ideal this country claims to stand for…

Personally, I’m an East Coast girl from the Philadelphia area. Which is a reasonably diverse and liberal city. I love this city and I love what it represents in American history. We get Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Sure, I grew up in a bubble. But my bubble isn’t racist and sexist, so…

Okay, I’m really not here to talk about my politics. America may be loud, brash, and egotistical. But America is also hard-working, a champion for the underdog, and intent on never giving up. We’ll find our way back to progression again soon. I believe that wholeheartedly. I love that this country is a melting pot of different religions and ethnicities. I love how different we all are, yet how ultimately similar. I love how much I can learn from everyone I meet and from their different viewpoints and beliefs. Even the different states can feel like different planets. Let’s all just try to learn from and understand each other, yeah? The world would be a better place. America would be a better place.


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