Day Sixty-Six (Driving)


Today I did something entirely pointless and wasteful. After going to work and getting gas, I still had a good twenty minutes left on the album I was playing. I was also zoning out to the album and creating a story in my head. It’s been years since I’ve just let my mind wander like this and the story in my mind was just getting interesting. I knew if I came home and parked, I would lose the entire mood and the moment would be gone. So, instead, I drove around the neighborhood for twenty minutes. Well, I drove to a nearby High School and then kinda circled around back home. It was a total waste of gas. But I finished the story and I felt imaginative and fulfilled for the first time in awhile. Sometimes you’ve got to do stupid things like driving with no destination.

It’s funny. I used to hate driving. I remember starting out at the local cemeteries and school parking lots. I remember my dad and I mutually freaking out during drives. I remember the test being surprisingly easy. I guess I lucked out on the parallel parking part. I remember getting most of my practice from driving to my first job. I remember deciding to commute my sophomore year of college and being in a total panic about the drive. It’s actually the easiest drive ever and I now miss it. Even if the drive is a good 45 minutes. I am now getting used to highway driving and merging onto the highway. Eventually I’ll take my chances city driving. But today is not that day. My volunteering gig this summer is literally an hour away though.

Now that I’m much better at driving, I can’t help but find that…I really like it a lot. A lot of times I dread getting to the destination because the ride is so much more fun. I like just being alone with my thoughts and my music for a little bit. Long rides are the best. Regardless of who is driving. Though I prefer when I’m driving, because then I don’t have to blast my music over whatever else is playing in the car. I love just enjoying the view and I honestly get my best thoughts out during these drives. I’ve written entire essays in my head on car rides. Only my best friends have been allowed the honor of sitting in my car. It’s not to be taken lightly. It’s was my parent’s car originally, then my older brothers. So it’s old and worn with memories and stories. I think my brother even drove my old High School crush in this car once. Damn. I’m never watching that passenger seat…

Anyway, I love long drives. It’s one of the simple everyday joys in life. To all my friends who can’t drive, y’all are really missing out. People joke about solving life problems in the shower, but I solve most of mine on the daily commute. Some of my favorite Fencing memories occurred during the walk to my car after practice with the other commuters. One of my favorite Hillel memories was sitting with one of my best friends in the car afterwards gossiping about what went down during whatever event we’d just been to. I also ate a lot of my lunches and read a lot of books in the back of my carI’ve had a few meltdowns back there, too. I love having the freedom to go where I want when I want (within reason). I’m honestly dreading the day this car inevitably fails me. Both for the loss of the freedom, the loss of the long rides, and the loss of the car itself. I’m not ready for that day. For now, I’m really grateful for my car and for all the memories it has given me.


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