Day Seventy-Three (Wee Sing)


I am a big fan of nostalgia and reliving childhood memories. For that reason alone, today I will talk about “Wee Sing”. It’s funny. Whenever I try to find videos of any of the Wee Sing films I did not grow up with, they are absolutely terrifying. They’re super creepy and unnerving. But when I watch the ones that I had to sit through in Elementary School Music Class, I’m too busy feeling nostalgic to let myself get freaked out. Grandpa’s Toys and Sillyville were my childhood, man.

I have to admit that these short stories are all a little weird though. Sillyville is about a coloring book coming to life. Every color has a different style and all of the colors are prejudiced against the other colors. They all keep to themselves and refuse to compromise and work with the others. Except for purple, who genuinely likes everyone. The two kids who get sucked into this adventure join with Sillywhim, their silly and fun guide through this world, to try and bring all of the colors together again. And enjoy some fun songs while they’re at it. The message isn’t exactly subtle. When all the colors eventually join together they bring the color back to Sillywhim’s outfit and it makes this colorful rainbow. Huh. Wonder what that could mean…

Grandpa’s Toys is my favorite story though. In this story, the main kids get shrunk down to the size of their old grandfather’s toys. They then hang out with the toys and sing a bunch of songs, while looking for the key that will open their grandfather’s toy box. Ponchinello will always hold a special place in my heart. As will all those songs. The message here is to stay “young at heart” and to always believe. Sure, I’m always down for that message. Just talking about this now makes me want to rewatch it again…I haven’t watched it since Elementary School, or Middle School at least.

My Freshman Year I attempted to show these videos to my roommate, who claimed to have never seen them growing up. She was not impressed. Her loss. Maybe it’s just something you need to grow up with to fully appreciate. I know I watched Sillyville in High School with my family and we all noticed that it wasn’t quite as polished as we’d remembered. But these videos really mean a lot to me, mostly due to nostalgia and the childhood innocence of it all. Don’t knock it till ya try it.


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