Day Seventy-Four (Brainstorming)


Today was supposed to be spent catching up on television shows and working my way through books. But everything got sidetracked when I spent my entire morning catching up on an old story I wrote in late High School. It’s honestly a very good story and I only stopped working on it due to a bad case of writer’s block. But rereading it made me want to continue the story, despite the struggle. I spent all of work today trying to think up how to work myself out of this plotline rut. Seriously. It’s a good thing I was doing mindless filing work, because I couldn’t even focus on my music. My brain was too busy running through ideas.

When I got home, my brother was visiting for the night and was currently talking to my parents. We caught up a bit and then I mentioned my story and how I was rereading it and some of the dialogue I could remember being tweaked by him. Well, in some cases tweaked. In other cases it was totally his dialogue. I knew reading it that it wasn’t anything I could have come up with at all. So I mentioned this to him and he got excited talking about the story. The rest of the night we spent discussing what I could do for the next part of the story. He loves screen-writing and I love writing fantasy novels. It felt amazing to be discussing writing again and the outline we came up with is really cool. I still have so much research to do, but I feel really excited about it. It’s been a long while since I’ve felt this way about anything.

Sometimes, as much as I am loath to admit it, the best way out of a rut is to brainstorm the situation with somebody else. Like in my current reality, my writing felt stuck. Directionless. Running into dead ends in every direction. I’ve never been great at thinking my way practically or logically through a situation. It is a goddamn fatal flaw, it’s so damaging to every aspect of my life. But by talking it out with another person, I was able to come up with a plan for the next few chapters of my story. Earlier today, I spent a couple of hours chatting with an old friend about life and I felt like myself again for the first time in awhile. Just talking things out made everything feel clearer. Just saying my deepest thoughts aloud really helped. I also debated about a television show I enjoy with a good friend and it was really interesting to get a different view on the characters and plots I know and love. Not everyone sees things the way I do.

Fact of the matter is, life is not meant to be something we go through alone. You can brainstorm all you like on your own, but sometimes it helps to get a new fresh perspective. To talk things through. To throw around different ideas. Sometimes your idea is good but incomplete, sometimes it’s utterly impossible. And sometimes it helps to hear someone else’s view of the situation. Someone close to you who you trust and who sees things in a similar, yet different, way. Today I discovered a lot about myself and got a lot farther into my story just through brainstorming with others. Maybe there’s something to collaboration and teamwork after all.


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