Day Ninety-Five (La La Land)


Is this movie over-rated? Sure. Is it heavily flawed? In some ways, yeah. Would it be better if Sebastian was black? Probably. Did it most likely win all the awards because it was a movie tribute to the movies? It’s definitely possible. Probable, even. Does any of this detract from the overall experience? Personally? Nope.

I love this movie so much. I love Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s performance. I love how much this movie genuinely adores the art of movies. It reminds me of the lesser known Hugo in that way. I love the songs. I love the pacing. I love the atmosphere. And, most of all, I love all the emotions. It’s impossible not to get a little bit choked up at the end. They could have had it all…

Anyway, the movie is solid. It brings out the dreamy romantic in me. Which is a part of me that is always just a hairs breath from the surface. It reminds me of why I love the arts and it encourages me to pursue my dreams. It was a gentle reminder that it’s okay to do what you think is right and it’s okay if things don’t always turn out the way you want (or think you want) them to. That’s just life.

I saw the movie for the 3.5 time last night, and it’s become an instant classic to me. A movie that I’ve already seen 3.5 times and I would definitely see many more. So I highly recommend this movie. It’s a little pretentious and over-rated, sure. But it’s really worth seeing.



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