Day One-Hundred-Five (Taking Chances)


Over the course of the past week, I have learned many lessons. I’ve learned to be strong, I’ve learned to be kind, I’ve learned to be assertive…It was a crazy week, but it definitely changed me for the better. But one of the most vital lessons I learned was that life is so much better when you keep yourself open to new experiences.

Being a counselor was not something I was prepared for. It was not something I ever, in a million years, wanted to do. It was not something that I thought I would be any good at or I would ever enjoy. But I did it. Whether I did it well is irrelevant. What matters is that I made it through and that I gave it every ounce of effort and energy that I had. For the first time in a long while, I gave something my all. I pushed myself to the limits. Looking back, despite how challenging it was, I don’t regret it at all. It was so very rewarding and life-changing. And it only happened because I took a chance and took a shot at doing something I never in a million years thought I’d be any good at.

In a smaller sense, the week was filled with little activities. Yoga, dancing, fishing, sports, going out with strangers, going out with friends (and the guy I like…), go karts, basketball, playing with little kids…lots of stuff I’d never done before. But, over the course of the week, I was constantly trying to be a yes man. Okay, more like my co-counselor made it his mission to force me out of my shell at every possible opportunity. But the point still stands. For the week, I was open to new experiences. I took chances. I did things I’d never done before. I put myself to the test in every way possible.

After this week, I feel more prepared than ever before to take chances. Could it be too hard? Possibly. But then it’s just a really intense learning experience, just as this past week has been. Could I hate it? Maybe. But then I know what to avoid. I’m tired of being the girl who hasn’t done anything. Who just kind of silently exists and passively observes. I’m tired of watching life on a screen, reading it through the pages of a book, and observing it at a safe distance. I want to live life. I keep flashbacking to all the times my co-counselor urged me to take a step out of my comfort zone and I shook my head viciously before he lightly pushed me out of it anyway. How can I be expected to live life and grow if all I do is stand  still and watch my life pass me by? It’s time I start really living. And that starts by taking chances. By being a yes man. By being an active participant.


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