Day One-Hundred-Six (Dancing)


Once a theatre kid, always a theatre kid. I’ve learned over the years to love acting. I’ve loved singing since Elementary School. I’ve always loved role-playing and pretending to be someone I’m not. I’ve always loved show weeks and I’ve always loved all the crazy chaos, teamwork, love, intensity, and challenge of live theatre. It’s a great feeling to see it all come together and have other people see what you’ve been working so hard on. That being said, I have always detested dancing. My body doesn’t want to move in weird shapes. I lack rhythm entirely. My physicality is as awkward as the rest of me. And I definitely don’t pick up moves quickly.

Today was my first dance practice in over four years. I haven’t had to memorize a dance since High School. From what I can remember, I always hated learning dances. But I would eventually pick it up and I would always get it by the show week. I’m just really out of practice and totally out of sorts with it. While the night was fun, it was also a little bit intimidating. What if I can’t pick it up by the week of the show and I’m just a huge embarrassment? What if this really isn’t for me after all? What if everyone sees how bad I truly am?

But, honestly, I do enjoy dancing. I always loved when a show would come together and I would finally pick up the dances. It was the same with Orchestra. It would take me a few weeks, but eventually the piece would stick and it would feel like such an accomplishment to speed through the piece that started out as such a struggle. Besides, I’m still exhausted, sick, and emotionally worn-out from the week at camp. By next rehearsal I’ll be wide-awake and ready to go. I still need some time to recuperate and to let this past week really sink in.

Dancing is a beautiful art though. It looks so easy when seen onstage or in performances. But it’s really a lot of hard work and determination. The wonderful thing about dancing is that it really makes the rest of the world fade away for a little bit as you get lost in the music and the steps. Maybe it’s not my thing, personally. But it is a rather gorgeous form of art.


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