Day One-Hundred-Eleven (Stars)


During my week at camp, one of my absolute favorite parts of camp were the moments around 10-12, when I was awake while the kids were asleep. I would sneak out of my cabin with my co-counselors and we would all hang out with the other counselors. We’d binge on junk food, discuss our days, and joke around. That part was pretty fun, but I was always exhausted from the long day and worried about the kids waking up. Even so, I did enjoy those nights immensely and I won’t ever forget them.

But, my favorite part of those nights, was looking at the stars. Being that the camp was in the middle of nowhere; the stars were actually visible. They were clear and easy to see. It was magnificent. When I did fencing, I always enjoyed looking up at the stars on the walk to my car with the other commuters after practice. Whenever I drive home late at night, I always take a moment to stop everything and just gaze into the night sky for a moment. To remind myself that, from the perspective of those stars, we are little dots on a tiny planet light years away. Somehow that makes my little life seem that much more extraordinary.

Also planets, space, and shit is fucking amazing. Like…aliens are totally real. There’s no way we’re the only living species in the whole galaxy. There’s so much unexplored territory up there. Why do people act like Science Fiction is so close to fantasy. Space is real, guys. Stars are real. Planets are real. We have no idea what the hell is up there. It’s probably not as humanistic as our stories make it out to be, but even so….there are infinite possibilities. It’s kinda awesome, yeah?


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