Day One-Hundred-Fifteen (Rot and Ruin)


So I’m making it a tradition that when I complete a series, I will make a blog post dedicated to that series. In this case, the Rot and Ruin series by Jonathan Maberry. Which took me a good few months to finish, mostly due to my ridiculously busy schedule. But, tonight, I finally finished the series. Except the “Bits and Pieces” part, which I should probably check out later. I’ll give myself a break first though. I promised my friend I’d immediately read this book series she’s been trying to get me into for years once I finished Rot and Ruin.

So what did I think of these novels? I picked up the book at random and I easily could have hated it. Nobody recommended it to me. My favorite character died in Book Two and it was honestly a bit of a hard read after that. The biggest reason I enjoyed the first two books was due to this one character. Another character also quickly won me over, but he didn’t do shit in the fourth book until the very end. A lot of characters were either killed off too soon or put on a bench for awhile. But, to be fair, all of the characters were pretty great. Having too many great characters is a good problem to have.

The plot was exciting and interesting. It kept me wondering the whole way through. And I really admired how the book never dumbed itself down for it’s audience. It was intense, dark, morbid, and a little fucked up. Just how I like my books. I really liked the character growth and the questions on morality. The villains were all fantastic. I especially enjoyed the biological mumbo-jumbo. I didn’t comprehend a lot of it, but I appreciated the research that must have went into figuring out how the zombie plague actually worked.

Overall, I would recommend this book to others. While it is not my favorite book, I did highly enjoy the saga and it kept my interest from start to finish. Mostly cause Tom and Joe were both so badass. And it was hard not to root for Benny, Nix, Chong, and Lilah. Maybe I’ll take a little break before starting the next series. I still need to recover emotionally from that ending. I am also a little salty at the writer, for making the character Joe so great in this series that I now feel obligated to check out the Joe Ledger series. Dammit.


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